Monday, February 17, 2014


So, I have this lemon tree. It was used as our "unity candle" at our wedding and it's still going strong but I noticed yesterday that it's got bugs! I noticed them on a flower a couple weeks ago but I disposed of that flower. Now I see them coming back on the only little bud I have now as well as on one of my lemons and in the dirt were I notice then active whenever I water. Being a new lemon tree mama I don't have much experience with bugs getting into my plants..I assume they came along with the tree from the nursery or from the dirt I used because it has stayed entirely indoors. I was doing research online and found something I'm going to try but I also think I may end up re-potting it so I don't risk having them in the dirt still after treatment. It notes to let your plant drought out a little bit and be sure to move it away from any plants that could end up getting the bugs as well. Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and 5 drops of dish soap and spray the plant with it careful to get underneath the leaves as well and then using a citrus specific bug killer but I'm hoping the re-potting will keep me from needing it. I'll post later to let y'all know how it went :)

Nasty little buggers

In other news, my Parsley is going strong! My Rosemary is following close behind.

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