Friday, February 21, 2014

A new baby

I've had this Kieki growing on my orchid for about two or three months now. If you have never gone through this before then don't panic. A lot of times orchids can create these little babies when they get stressed. I moved into a new place and took a week honeymoon so I believe that's what spurred this because I have another orchid who's also expecting. Once the Kieki grows two or three large roots your able to remove it from it's mothers spike. Here are the steps I took in planting my new baby.

The only supplies you need for this is a small pot that will fit your plant a little snugly but also has good drainage as well as your choice of planting mixture. The hardest part is getting the guts to twist the little one off of it's mama spike, I actually made my husband do it. Being very careful to not break the roots you want to twist the small plant until you here a pop and it detaches from it's mother. Once the deed is done your able to plant it. Prepare you mixture, I use moss that requires being soaked in water for about five minutes. Alot of people choose to plant the Kieki in the same pot as the mother plant so the shock is less traumatic but I'm using separate pots and keeping them on the same watering time line. Now plant your Kieki loosely in the potting mix and watch the sweet thing grow!

I can tell my mama plant is very excited to be rid of the little one because she's already popped out a new leaf and a new root. Win win for everyone!

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