Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Few Odd Plants

So I finally braved it....I decapitated my succulent! Anyone who has grown one before knows that they can get well, a bit tall without the proper light. Living in an apartment light can be a little tricky to come by so it was time to cut mine back. This is something I don't have experience with since this is my first succulent (I happily came across her at a summer art fair) but I found this great post that walked me through the steps...

So now here I stand.... My sweet succulent and her baby both have been cut down and now I just wait for the tips to callous over so I can replant. I have my new beautiful white pot ready and oh am I excited!

more exciting news is I have baby parsley on the way! I'm expected parsley, rosemary and thyme but these beauties are the first to pop up.

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