Friday, May 16, 2014

home sick.

Friday, May 2, 2014

sick week

So me and the husband have been sick for a week. Honestly..... I blame him. I thought I'd share a recipe though from moms cookbook. Just add these simple ingredients to a tea of your choice ☕

Friday, February 21, 2014

A new baby

I've had this Kieki growing on my orchid for about two or three months now. If you have never gone through this before then don't panic. A lot of times orchids can create these little babies when they get stressed. I moved into a new place and took a week honeymoon so I believe that's what spurred this because I have another orchid who's also expecting. Once the Kieki grows two or three large roots your able to remove it from it's mothers spike. Here are the steps I took in planting my new baby.

The only supplies you need for this is a small pot that will fit your plant a little snugly but also has good drainage as well as your choice of planting mixture. The hardest part is getting the guts to twist the little one off of it's mama spike, I actually made my husband do it. Being very careful to not break the roots you want to twist the small plant until you here a pop and it detaches from it's mother. Once the deed is done your able to plant it. Prepare you mixture, I use moss that requires being soaked in water for about five minutes. Alot of people choose to plant the Kieki in the same pot as the mother plant so the shock is less traumatic but I'm using separate pots and keeping them on the same watering time line. Now plant your Kieki loosely in the potting mix and watch the sweet thing grow!

I can tell my mama plant is very excited to be rid of the little one because she's already popped out a new leaf and a new root. Win win for everyone!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So in love with this art by Natalii Rak in Poland

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to treat bugs on your lemon tree

Yesterday I let y'all know about my infested indoor lemon tree. Well I wanted to share with you all how I ended up treating my problem.
My first step was dumping all of the dirt somewhere far away from my plant. I had the bugs not only on my tree but also in my soil. I gave the pot a good scub before filling it with two knew bags of dirt. I brought my meyer tree to the sink and hosed it down good, the roots, the leaves, and the lemons to be sure I got all of the bugs.
 Once you finish those steps you want to gather a few supplies. You'll need a measuring cup, liquid dish soap and an empty squirt bottle, I got mine from Walmart for 98 cents. You will need to put one cup of water into the bottle along with five drops of the dish soap. Shake well. Then once you have your tree planted again give a good spray down making sure you get under the leaves.
 I'm not going to water my tree for awhile so that any last bugs will die off and my tree is strong enough to handle this. I noticed a couple bugs on the lemons this morning so I snatched them off and sprayed my tree with the soap mixture again.
Hopefully this helps anyone else who may have this problem. It was a cheap and easy fix that seems to be working!

Monday, February 17, 2014


So, I have this lemon tree. It was used as our "unity candle" at our wedding and it's still going strong but I noticed yesterday that it's got bugs! I noticed them on a flower a couple weeks ago but I disposed of that flower. Now I see them coming back on the only little bud I have now as well as on one of my lemons and in the dirt were I notice then active whenever I water. Being a new lemon tree mama I don't have much experience with bugs getting into my plants..I assume they came along with the tree from the nursery or from the dirt I used because it has stayed entirely indoors. I was doing research online and found something I'm going to try but I also think I may end up re-potting it so I don't risk having them in the dirt still after treatment. It notes to let your plant drought out a little bit and be sure to move it away from any plants that could end up getting the bugs as well. Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and 5 drops of dish soap and spray the plant with it careful to get underneath the leaves as well and then using a citrus specific bug killer but I'm hoping the re-potting will keep me from needing it. I'll post later to let y'all know how it went :)

Nasty little buggers

In other news, my Parsley is going strong! My Rosemary is following close behind.